Six short videos considering the impact of 
HIV and AIDS beyond the United States 

Featuring work by:
Jorge Bordello (Mexico)
Gevi Dimitrakopoulou (Greece) 
Las Indetectables (Chile) 
George Stanley Nsamba (Uganda)
Lucía Egaña Rojas (Chile/Spain)
Charan Singh (India/UK)

Watch the videos here.

TRANSMISSIONS premiered on November 30, 2020 as part of an online program presented in partnership with the Whitney Museum of American Art, The Studio Museum in Harlem, and the The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), and with the support of 90+ institutions across the world. See a complete list of partners here.

Learn more about Day With(out) Art and Visual AIDS here.

[Image descriptions: Six images fade from one to another in the background: 1.  Las Indetectables, Me Cuido: A red-headed femme walks down a empty street at midday. She is costumed with a giant papier-mache red ribbon that wraps around her head. On the red ribbon are the names of various STIs written in Spanish. 2. Charan Singh, They Called it Love, But Was it Love: A shirtless man sitting upright on a bed looking down in a pensive state, set against a lavender wall. 3. Jorge Bordello, Ministry of Health: A hand painted with red body paint holding an orange pill between the index finger and thumb. A royal blue background provides a sharp contrast to the hand. 4. Gevi Dimitrakopoulou, This is Right; Zak, Life and After: Zak Kostopoulos performing on stage in drag. They wear a blonde wig and sparkly mini-dress, have an expression of rage, and are giving the middle finger. 5. Lucía Egaña Rojas, Female Disappearance Syndrome: A young man in mid-sentence, speaking directly to the camera. He has a serious expression and is making lively hand motions. 6. George Stanley Nsamba, Finding Purpose: A behind-the-scenes view of a film shoot, with a young woman using her phone in bed. A boom microphone hovers beside her and a man leans down beside her.]